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x100s Review

*2 mins read*

Probably the best camera I’ve ever owned

A year ago, I tried out the predecessor x100 at a local camera store. I wasn’t impressed. The camera felt clunky, the hybrid viewfinder felt as though I’m looking through an old school VCR screen. The autofocus was lacklustre . The Sony NEX on the other hand, was all at rage back then and the Fuji x100 just felt so…outdated.

Fast forward to the present, I happened to chance across a video review of the x100s on DigitalRev one night and decided to check out what the new S series has to offer. After scouring the internet for early reviews, it was time to head back down to a camera store to check the camera out. 2 weeks have passed and after spending much time with this toy, I would say this might just be the perfect camera.

This review is going to be pretty straightforward. I wont be listing down the camera specifications since it can be found pretty much anywhere else. I’ll include my honest comments and not forgetting the pictures taken with the camera. All photos are straight out of camera with minor cropping and alignment.

Dragon boaters chilling by the bay

The stealthy and non-intimidating camera is an excellent street photography tool.

Colors produced by Fuji are accurate, down to earth and for the lack of a better word, “Home-y”

A sign of friendship by fellow dragon boaters

The built-in Neutral Density(ND) filter is definitely a quality of life addon and significantly helped out in managing scenes with harsh sunlight.

The white balance adjustment constantly surpassed my expectations as well.

Time for a final briefing

Going up close wasn’t a problem. The x100s is an intrusive-free camera.

The Chinese word ‘Dragon’ is a common sight.

Fuji gives a pastel-like and seemingly muted colors in its pictures, which is pretty pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to its night capabilities, the x100s rendered me speechless. My Sony a850 had to give way to the x100s. I’ll continue to let the pictures do the talking.

To wrap up, the Fuji x100s packs a mighty punch in a seemingly compact body. this is one camera that is able to reproduce scenes with great colors even under challenging lighting circumstances. I can already foresee myself having a great time with this camera on my upcoming travel trip to Bali. I hope you enjoyed the “pictorius” review. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any!