A sweet taste of Bali

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Bali took my breath away.

There, I said it. My expectations have been met. My research has paid off. I am a happy man.
My wife and I decided to go on a scouting trip for potential wedding venues in Bali and we’re so glad we did! The guides and reviews about mystical Bali are completely spot on and there is just something surreal about this little island. The place pretty much reflects the result of a booming tourism industry, seeing how it has shaped the majority of the island. Yet, the tradition and culture is etched deeply into the island. And there is just so much to understand and absorb about the Balinese way of life. Parts of the island that remains almost untouched. The roads leading to some of the grandest and stunning villas are often bumpy, narrow and paved with brown cows grazing by the sides. I can stay and watch the waves all day, just watching them crash against the cliff over and over again.  I can’t wait for the wedding to be held on the acclaimed “Island of Gods”. You can find the list of resorts and villas that we visited at the end of the post.  All photos are taken with an x100s and Sony a850. Enjoy!

Bvlgari Resort

One of the many Villas & resorts in Bali for a breathtaking wedding

Inside the resort

A spectacular view of the ocean

List of places visited (in order of pictures shown)

1. Bvlgari Resorts
2. The Semera Villa
3. The Edge Villa
4. The Sanctus Villa
5. Latitude Villa
6. Ayodya Resorts
7. Uluwatu Temple