Hi, my name is Walter. Thanks for visiting my site. If you are here, you probably have some interests in startups or entrepreneurship. Or you could be looking to discover or pursue your passion in life. That means we are on the same boat!

This site is where I record my start up journey and document my experience and learnings from my crazy adventures in the jungle.

Just a little bit of background, I used to be working on a 9-5 job in the financial industry. (Not very inspiring I know). I am guessing you are probably still in one as well. There is nothing wrong in my previous job, the pay was pretty good and life was pretty comfy BUT (there is always a big but) I’ve always been itching to do something more, to make better use of the limited time we all have to make a difference in my life and to the world around me.

If you love startups, entrepreneurship, business tips, lifehacking, dogs, big cities, rural landscapes and photography, you’ll find something useful here.

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  1. Hello Walter,
    Good job on BoxGreen. You have come really far! It isnt an easy journey.
    I just want to say jiayou.