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A letter to my daughter


Today is a special day. It’s the day I become something bigger than a CEO of a founder. I am now a father.

But it’s not about me. It’s about how your mother agonised over 12 hours to bring you to this world. I watch her endure the pain to deliver you. The pain just shows how love truly is the greatest strength of all.

We probably have a lot to learn to be the best mum and dad, but we’ll strive to make your life a happy and fun one. We’ll watch you grow up to be a fine lady. And I hope you will be free to pursue the things that matter to you most in time to come.

You will strive too and do great work, which is what your name implies.

You will be brave, just like your mother.

You will probably be small, but you’ll have a big heart.

Hello, world. Hello Amelia.

  1. congrats!!!! look at that smile on her face! can’t wait to meet her!

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