1 May 2016

*2 mins read*
It’s been a year since the BoxGreen folks came in full time, namely the founding team Andrew (COO), Fai (CTO) and Jason (employee #1). A BIG thank you to you guys for sticking it through with the team and believing that selling peanuts can make you your first pot of gold. More importantly, I think this is just the beginning on what we can do to help make the office workplace better.

BoxGreen has grown steadily and consistently in 2015, in fact we were close to profitability. But on this very day, we’ve raised some money help bring this dream slightly further. Why? Isn’t it great to get a company to be profitable?

Investors asked if this company could be IPO some day. They asked if strategic buyers made sense in the next couple of years. Do we want to grow more slowly and opt to attain profitability? The bottom line is, it was the founders’ collective decision to try to build a scalable business in 3-5 years. We chose growth over profitability and we felt we could try to bring this baby up to a whole new level with the additional capital. We also discussed about opportunity cost of starting BoxGreen exactly a year ago and made a deadline to revisit this goal when the time is up.

Personally, it is a milestone but again, it’s important to note that validation from investors should never be taken as a sign of success. That is why we did’t really celebrate too much about it. I’m more excited about having our own space to build out what we set to do.

Team > all 
I can’t stress enough that I’m thankful for the people alongside with me, who have seen the company grow from inside a bedroom to our own office right now. Namely, Melinda(1st intern!), Matthew, Bertram, Nicolette, Candy, Xin Yee, Charmaine, Jamie and Emilea!

I’d always told the team should the company be no longer around one day (touch wood), at least you should be glad you made great friends and had a great working experience. That’s the BoxGreen working philosophy.
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou
Behind every successful story is a group of people working hard towards a common goal.  Thank you all everyone.

Whats installed for a startup that has been funded? The clock is ticking for sure. but as i make a case of how much this company is worth and needs to grow, I need to go out and hire some folks right now.

The BoxGreen team is hiring and we’re obsessed about building a great family. Got talent? Apply here. 😃